Phantom Tranquillity


Created for those who conceive and achieve the impossible, Phantom Tranquillity is an elevated expression of Phantom’s standing as the rarest and most desired object in the luxury world.

This Collection is strictly limited to just 25 examples worldwide and available as both Phantom and Phantom Extended Wheelbase.

For the precious few that commission a Phantom, the realisation of their personal vision represents a moment that sees them view the world from a rare and elevated place. Phantom Tranquillity is therefore a statement piece for the visionaries that push beyond accepted limits.

Named and crafted to celebrate that feeling of euphoric tranquillity one achieves when they have elevated the world around them, Phantom Tranquillity beautifully curates objects and inspirations from worlds beyond earthly bounds. This highly contemporary expression of Rolls-Royce design and craft deftly provides the rarest possible place from which to observe our world – reserved only for those that measure success in terms of challenging the impossible.

The unique pattern is inspired by the X-Ray coded aperture masks use on the British Skylark space rocket. High energy radiation passes over and through the distinctive perforated pattern, creating a coded shadow on the layers underneath. The properties of the original radiation sources can then be mathematically reconstructed from this shadow. Skylark was the longest running rocket program in the world. The gallery celebrates this in distinctive space related materials, highly reflective stainless steel, 24 karat gold plating and space grade aluminium.

A unique embroidery detail on the extended wheel base door panel, matching the pattern on the Collection Gallery.  Tone on tone stitching for a subtle, crafted detail.

Bespoke Audio speaker frets finished in gold colour make a bold statement in doors, and complement the other gold elements throughout the car. Inspired by the historic NASA ‘Voyager’ satellites that carried two Gold records with sounds and images that portrayed the diversity of life and culture on Earth, for any intelligent extraterrestrial life that might find them.

Materials and finishes inspired by the those used in space craft, and complement those used for the collection gallery and clock. This unique Spirit of Ecstasy is made from a solid 3D printed and hand finished, vapour blasted titanium figure. This is then placed into a 24 karat gold plated inner bezel within a radially brushed titanium base featuring collection name engraving.